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The Butterfly Story:

There was once a little girl growing up in the industrial West Midlands of England. She loved fashion, loved to experiment with different trends and looks, and she dreamed of one day owning a boutique of her own.

Economic depression hit in the mid 1970’s and, like it or not, that little girl learned that sometimes you have to make a penny stretch a very long way.

As she grew up, that now not-so-little-girl traveled to London, South East Asia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and many other countries. She even made her home for a time in some of those faraway places.


The luscious fabrics, vivid colors and patterns, and ethnic styles made a huge and beautiful impression upon that little girl. 

That’s where the fairy tale ends ….

Then I learned about global warming, about the size of each person who inhabits the earth's carbon footprint


Then my dream came true ….


Butterfly Women’s Consignment Boutiques were born. Locations, stores... where you can sample the designs, culture and fashions of our globe. Shopping venues where the words, "recycle and reuse to rescue the planet" are not just a glib advertising term used to hike sales. Stores where you - the customer - really matter, stores where our employees actually enjoy serving the customer and assisting you with style choices and colors. A shopping venue where the truth is told, "yes it makes you look fabulous" or "no, we'd better find something else."


Stores where EVERY woman matters!

And last but by no means least … Shopping venues where the penny can be stretched a very very long way indeed.


Come visit us soon, feel our welcome and experience the difference!!!

- Amanda Rosen, Owner 

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